What are reduction gears?

The “soul” of the maxon motor is its unmatched iron-free winding, the maxon system. This motor principle has its advantages, in particular: the lack of magnetic stopping torque and a low degree of electromagnetic interference. Its performance far exceeds that of other motor systems. The maxon X drive range is extended with two other motor sizes: 16 and 32 mm. The new 16 mm DCX 16 S can be supplied with both noble metal and graphite brushes and can be combined modularly with the new GPX 16 planetary reducer as standard units. Combinations with ENX encoders complete the modular system for demanding control tasks.

The “big brother” is now the DCX 32 L with graphite brushes, along with the GPX 32. The 32 mm diameter DC motor is pure concentrated force and, with its excellent parameters, can be measured fearlessly with any competitor. As it can withstand high thermal stresses, it guarantees high continuous power thanks to the reducing gearbox.

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